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Published:March 26th, 2011 17:00 EST by Bruce Calder

Monday's Good Bets

McCoy LogoThe stock market is heating up and along with that come a few good bets for Monday morning. These stocks were picked by my system based on insider trading and positive technical indicators. Of course there`s no guarantee any will perform well but I don`t think they do half bad. I`ll have to go back and see how well they`ve done.

In descending order of wowness here are Monday`s "good bets":
  • (MCB) McCoy - Recent insider buying by at least 2 insiders this company even pays dividends apparently.
  • (RTK) Artek Exploration - I think this was first mentioned in the February 28 article "Western Potash Getting Ready for $1.80?" (that hasn`t happened yet by the way) when it opened at $2.44. First mentioned as a "good bet" on March 18 when it opened at $2.40 and has been a "good bet" a few times since then. It`s spent most of this time in the $2.30 range but with an 8% surge on Friday this one might be making its move. 
  • (HNL) Horizon North Logistics - Last featured in the March 11 article "One Good Bet" when it opened at $4.26. Closed Friday at $4.75 - an 11.5% increase in 2 weeks. This stock has been climbing steadily from $1.50 since last July.
  • (OEX) Orleans Energy - Insider buying by a number of insiders but under a company stock purchase plan. Not sure if this can be considered as good as buying "in the public market."
Great Western Minerals Logo
And the the "riskier good bets" which are going for under $0.45 a share - again in descending order of "wowness":
  • (GWC) Groupworks Financial
  • (MYG) Methylgene - Up over 100% Friday! I personally wouldn`t bid at the current price after it already doubled, but that`s me. Too bad my system isn`t smart enough to have identified this Friday morning.
  • (TER) Terrex Energy
  • (BGS) Baroyeca Gold & Silver
  • (AMX) Amex Exploration
  • (PCM) Pacific Comox
  • (MEX) Midlands Mineral
  • (SAM) Starcore International
  • (BYM) Baymount
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2011-03-18ANSAinsworth LumberBUY500$3.810$7.00$-1,912.00
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ANS.tAinsworth Lumber1,000Mar 18 10:30$3.810$0.000$0.000$0.0000$3,810.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$71.001.90%I am in profit on this stock
AOX.vAndover Ventures2,500Mar 10 09:45$0.810$0.000$0.000$0.0000$2,025.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$7.000.34%I am losing on this stock
BTC.vBenton Resources2,000Mar 23 11:00$1.200$0.000$0.000$0.0000$2,400.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$573.0031.36%I am in profit on this stock
CCZ.tCritical Control Solutions3,000Jan 18 09:35$0.640$0.000$0.000$0.0000$1,920.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$67.003.37%I am losing on this stock
CVR.vCORRE6,000Mar 21 09:35$0.510$0.000$0.000$0.0000$3,060.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$34.001.10%I am losing on this stock
NVS.vNovus Energy2,100Oct 20 15:30$1.280$0.000$0.000$0.0000$2,688.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$765.0239.78%I am in profit on this stock
POP.vPetro One Energy6,000Mar 11 09:45$0.440$0.000$0.000$0.0000$2,640.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$121.004.38%I am losing on this stock
RSG.vSearchgold Resources40,000Mar 25 12:50$0.055$0.000$0.000$0.0000$2,200.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$86.004.07%I am in profit on this stock
SDW.vSofame Tech.72,000Mar 23 15:30$0.045$0.000$0.000$0.0000$3,240.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$1,028.6546.52%I am in profit on this stock
STK.vStrike Minerals33,000Feb 04 10:00$0.110$0.000$0.000$0.0000$3,630.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$262.007.78%I am in profit on this stock
SWN.vSelwyn Resources8,000Mar 25 15:00$0.305$0.000$0.000$0.0000$2,440.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$239.008.92%I am losing on this stock
URX.vUnitech Energy70,000Mar 21 14:00$0.030$0.000$0.000$0.0000$2,100.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$189.008.26%I am losing on this stock
UWE.tU308 Corp.6,000Mar 15 12:00$1.100$0.000$0.000$0.0000$6,600.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$3,039.0085.34%I am in profit on this stock
YGR.vYangarra Resources4,000Mar 14 10:15$0.810$0.000$0.000$0.0000$3,240.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$209.006.90%I am in profit on this stock
ZED.vZedi Inc.2,500Mar 22 10:00$0.850$0.000$0.000$0.0000$2,125.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$7.000.33%I am losing on this stock
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