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Published:March 18th, 2011 11:31 EST by Bruce Calder

Buying back Mandalay maybe

Of coure the day after I sell Lithium Americas (LAC) the price recovers. I`m not going to look back on this one I don`t think as the technicals still look weak.

I regret selling Mandalay Resources (MND) so like Unitech (URX), which granted hasn`t turned out to my liking, I`m going to try to re-buy Mandaly, but at $0.46 a share. I sold it at $0.47 so if my 7500 share order goes through (and it just may) then I can actually be ahead $75 (less $14 in commissions.) There was quite the spike yesterday and on paper today I`d be worth over $550 more had I not sold it.

Ainsworth Lumber (ANS) is still a "buy" so party on.

My system has identified 2 other stocks today as "good bets" but taking a quick look at them I`m not too keen on them, so I will not be buying them but just for fun I`ll let y`all know about them anyway.
  • (FAR) - Foraco International
  • (RTK) - Artek Exploration
I`ve found myself with a lot of cash now so I hope to buy something else now that I hope the markets are turning around. I`ll try to be somewhat cautious.

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I won't buy APPLE, but I will buy CORREClearing the Decks
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I won't buy APPLE, but I will buy CORREAinsworth still the only "good bet"
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The Last 10 Transactions To the Current Portfolio Date : 2011-03-18
2011-03-18ANSAinsworth LumberBUY500$3.810$7.00$-1,912.00
2011-03-18SWNSelwyn ResourcesBUY5,000$0.350$7.00$-1,757.00
2011-03-17TSGTristar GoldSELL4,500$0.720$7.00$3,233.00
2011-03-17AABAberdeen InternationalSELL2,500$0.860$7.00$2,143.00
2011-03-17NGQNGEx ResourcesSELL1,000$1.340$7.00$1,333.00
2011-03-16MNDMandalay ResourcesSELL7,500$0.470$7.00$3,518.00
2011-03-16TSGTristar GoldSELL1,500$0.710$7.00$1,058.00
2011-03-16LACLithium AmericasSELL2,500$1.350$7.00$3,368.00
2011-03-16GCUGold Canyon ResourcesSELL2,000$2.970$7.00$5,933.00
2011-03-15UWEU308 Corp.BUY2,000$0.510$7.00$-1,027.00
Today's Summary 2011-03-18
TickerNameSharesLast TradeCurrentOpenHighLowVolumeValueTodayGain
ANS.tAinsworth Lumber1,000Mar 18 10:30$3.810$0.000$0.000$0.0000$3,810.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$71.001.90%I am in profit on this stock
AOX.vAndover Ventures2,500Mar 10 09:45$0.810$0.000$0.000$0.0000$2,025.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$7.000.34%I am losing on this stock
CCZ.tCritical Control Solutions3,000Jan 18 09:35$0.640$0.000$0.000$0.0000$1,920.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$67.003.37%I am losing on this stock
NCM.vNewcastle Minerals20,000Jan 13 11:30$0.085$0.000$0.000$0.0000$1,700.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$314.0015.59%I am losing on this stock
NVS.vNovus Energy2,100Oct 20 15:30$1.280$0.000$0.000$0.0000$2,688.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$765.0239.78%I am in profit on this stock
POP.vPetro One Energy6,000Mar 11 09:45$0.440$0.000$0.000$0.0000$2,640.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$121.004.38%I am losing on this stock
RSG.vSearchgold Resources20,000Dec 08 10:00$0.055$0.000$0.000$0.0000$1,100.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$7.000.63%I am losing on this stock
SDW.vSofame Tech.32,000Jan 17 09:45$0.045$0.000$0.000$0.0000$1,440.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$235.6519.57%I am in profit on this stock
STK.vStrike Minerals33,000Feb 04 10:00$0.110$0.000$0.000$0.0000$3,630.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$262.007.78%I am in profit on this stock
SWN.vSelwyn Resources5,000Mar 18 09:30$0.350$0.000$0.000$0.0000$1,750.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$7.000.40%I am losing on this stock
URX.vUnitech Energy35,000Feb 10 09:40$0.035$0.000$0.000$0.0000$1,225.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$7.000.57%I am losing on this stock
UWE.tU308 Corp.6,000Mar 15 12:00$1.100$0.000$0.000$0.0000$6,600.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$3,039.0085.34%I am in profit on this stock
YGR.vYangarra Resources4,000Mar 14 10:15$0.810$0.000$0.000$0.0000$3,240.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$209.006.90%I am in profit on this stock
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