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Published:December 2nd, 2010 11:23 EST by Bruce Calder

UR-Energy - Make An Easy 20% Today *

UR-Energy (URE) opened at $2.28 yesterday shot up to $2.49 - almost 10% on the day before dropping like a rock to $2.17 before closing down 3 cents on the day.

What the heck happened?

Unless something happened that I don`t know about (and that`s always a distinct possibility) then it can only be yesterday`s news release which announced that employees had exercised 2,400,800 stock options at $1.25 raising $3 million dollars. Good for them! Buying a stock for $1.25 that`s worth $2.17 is a good deal.

I imagine this spooked shareholders a bit who are terrified by the word "dilution" - when a company creates new shares out of nothing and sells them, often making existing shares worth half overnight.

This company had almost 99 million shares outstanding which means that all else considered equal, this employee stock option deal only creates 2.5% more shares in the company, which SHOULD only make existing shares worth 2.5% less than on Monday. I suppose it`s quite likely that when these shareholders are able to sell them on the open market (there`s no indication of any mandatory holding period but often it takes a while for things to move through the system and find their way into somebody`s brokerage account), some will be sold immediately which could depress share price of the company for a little bit.

Regardless, I`m holding and it seems like a no-brainer that buying in today will make you an easy 20% profit - maybe much much more. I wouldn`t be surprised if this gets back near $2.50 today so don`t doddle.

Here are today`s Insider Trading Reports. Except for changing a sell price or two, I`m holding pat with my existing orders

* Invest at your own risk. This is not a guarantee. Etc. etc.

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2010-11-29GRNGreenscape Capital GroupBUY3,000$0.315$9.99$-954.99
2010-11-26CQECequence EnergyBUY500$1.890$9.99$-954.99
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AAB.tAberdeen International2,500Sep 30 10:00$0.640$0.670$0.680$0.630456,162$1,600.00$0.010$25.001.54% Down Today$452.5139.43%I am in profit on this stock
CGP.vCornerstone Cap Resources14,000May 07 14:45$0.155$0.160$0.160$0.155527,337$2,170.00$0.005$70.003.13% Down Today$290.0215.43%I am in profit on this stock
CN.vCondor Resources4,000Nov 18 11:30$0.485$0.475$0.485$0.45043,900$1,940.00$0.005$20.001.04% Up Today$60.023.19%I am in profit on this stock
CQE.tCequence Energy1,700Nov 26 14:10$1.990$1.950$2.000$1.920155,843$3,383.00$0.040$68.002.05% Up Today$98.032.98%I am in profit on this stock
CZN.tCanadian Zinc1,500Nov 25 11:30$0.630$0.640$0.660$0.630290,362$945.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$99.999.57%I am losing on this stock
EFG.vFirst Gold Exploration5,500Oct 21 09:30$0.320$0.335$0.340$0.320188,200$1,760.00$0.005$27.501.54% Down Today$354.9816.78%I am losing on this stock
GRN.vGreenscape Capital Group3,000Nov 29 10:00$0.280$0.300$0.310$0.280268,000$840.00$0.025$75.008.20% Down Today$114.9912.04%I am losing on this stock
HRG.tHigh River Gold750Dec 01 11:00$1.250$1.260$1.280$1.240619,619$937.50$0.030$22.502.34% Down Today$39.994.09%I am losing on this stock
ICP.vIntercontinental Potash3,000Nov 02 12:00$0.910$0.910$0.930$0.890266,950$2,730.00$0.010$30.001.09% Down Today$830.0243.69%I am in profit on this stock
INT.vIntertainment Media7,500Nov 09 12:30$0.120$0.115$0.120$0.115312,000$900.00$0.005$37.504.35% Up Today$122.4911.98%I am losing on this stock
NGQ.tNGEx Resources1,000Nov 25 10:00$1.060$1.140$1.150$1.050246,960$1,060.00$0.080$80.007.02% Down Today$40.013.92%I am in profit on this stock
NVS.vNovus Energy2,100Oct 20 15:30$0.960$0.970$0.990$0.950725,487$2,016.00$0.010$21.001.03% Down Today$93.024.84%I am in profit on this stock
OX.vExploration Orex37,500Nov 24 13:00$0.090$0.095$0.095$0.085210,263$3,375.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$477.4612.39%I am losing on this stock
OYM.tOlympus Pacific Minerals2,000Nov 10 10:30$0.630$0.620$0.660$0.6201,288,621$1,260.00$0.010$20.001.61% Up Today$70.015.88%I am in profit on this stock
RBG.vREBgold11,500Dec 02 09:02$0.120$0.115$0.145$0.115160,000$1,380.00$0.000$0.000.00% No Change Today$115.009.09%I am in profit on this stock
RBX.vRobex Resources4,000Jun 02 12:00$0.155$0.145$0.155$0.145158,000$620.00$0.010$40.006.90% Up Today$215.5653.30%I am in profit on this stock
SDW.vSofame Tech.55,000Sep 24 09:45$0.040$0.040$0.040$0.04050,000$2,200.00$0.005$275.0011.11% Down Today$130.026.28%I am in profit on this stock
URE.tUr Energy3,000Apr 22 09:50$2.290$2.330$2.390$2.260631,254$6,870.00$0.050$150.002.23% Up Today$4,000.03139.38%I am in profit on this stock
URX.vUnitech Energy35,000Nov 09 10:00$0.035$0.030$0.035$0.030289,000$1,225.00$0.005$175.0016.67% Up Today$165.0115.57%I am in profit on this stock
UWE.tU308 Corp.1,500Nov 26 10:00$0.840$0.870$0.880$0.810380,838$1,260.00$0.040$60.004.55% Down Today$155.0114.03%I am in profit on this stock
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